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We Had Divine Sense

We Were In Love

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Ten Years in the Glass House

Cover Girl For May 11th to June 11th: Caterina Murino

This is the icon community of me, _scottishgentry. I've returned from a serious icon hiatus, but I have the perfect excuse. Here, I'll post icons of my interests, mostly movies, actors, and actresses because they're super cool. You can pimp this community, but it's not necessary to be my friend-o. This community will never be "friends only". I've experienced finding amazing icons, only to be disappointed that it was a locked entry. Anyway, enjoy what icons I have up now and hopefully I can post more while a Sophomore in college this fall.
Casino Royale, The Dark Knight, Marie Antoinette, xxxHolic, Harry Potter, The Office, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Caterina Murino, Jeremy Irons

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